team paintball

Your paintball session

Escape Woods is set in natural woodland, offering outdoor paintball in nearly all weathers. The games will be played in a variety of zones, with forts, bunkers, hides and vehicles to use as cover.

On arrival you’ll be issued with a camouflage overalls, a full head mask and your teams identity armband.

A full safety brief will be given along with a briefing of the first game scenario.

Each game has an objective to focus the mind and get your team working together as a troop. The games will be a mix of classic paintball games such as Capture the flag, Protect your VIP, Detonate the base along with some other games too! All played whilst being under heavy fire.

There will be 5-6 games lasting between 15-20min each with short breaks between games to talk tactics and rehydrate.

After the final game there will be a de-brief and de-kit before departure.

team paintball
Paintball party somerset
team days out low impact paintball somerset

Paintball session itinerary:

10:00 Arrive
10:05-10:20 Kit up, split into teams
10:20-10:30 Safety brief and game instructions
10:30 – 12:30 Game 1 & 2
  Game 3 & 4
  Game 5 & 6
12:30- 12:40 De-brief and de-kit
12:40 Depart


13:30  Arrive
13:35-13:50 Kit up, split into teams
13:50-14:00 Safety brief and game instructions
14:00 – 16:00 Game 1 & 2
  Game 3 & 4
  Game 5 & 6
16:00- 16:10 De-brief and de-kit
16:10 Depart